墨士廉 (together with his little brother, Karli) has been learning Chinese online with iChineseLearning for more than 4 years. The video is 墨士廉 being interviewed in Chinese while he was at Asia Windsurfing Championship 2018.

墨士廉 - Singapore

这是我第一次通过skype 在线学习中文。我从网上知道ichineselearning, 并且注册了一节免费的试听课。上完试听课后,我决定立刻加入他们。我对学到的东西和上课的感受非常满意。ichineselearning团队非常专业和配合。

Tina, Bosnia Herzegovina

你好,我叫Julia, 我是乌克兰人. Now I am working in China and learning Chinese language for my daily life. I have been learning Chinese for 3 months with iChineseLearning. Now I can understand people outside. I can speak with them and communication with them became more easily for me.

Julia, Ukraine

Hello! I want to share my opinion about iChineseLearning company. It has professional teachers. All of them are native speakers. My teacher understands me very good. She helps me speak Chinese very fast.

Max, Ukraine


Lera, Russia

I came across iChineseLearning online. I approached them and I am very quite happy about their interactive teaching. They have very customized lessons. The teachers are very professional. They are very interactive. So if anyone is interested in learning Chinese. I surely recommend them to approach iChineseLearning.

Raghavendra, India

I really recommend you iChineseLearning because the best thing is you can manage your time. Plus second, you have good choices of teachers, who really prepare well for the classes and who give you good aims and goals, what you have to do, and prepare you and lead you well to this difficult language as Chinese.

Stas, Ukraine

我今年24岁,我是意大利人,我是大学的学生,我学习中文两个月了。Shadow是我的老师,我觉得她教我教得很好。虽然学习很难,但是我很享受学习的过程。 我知道,还有很多我需要学习的东西,我有信心把中文学好!

Adir, Italy

你们好!我的名字是保罗,我住在巴西。我想说我很高兴与ichineselearning上课. 我觉得我在越来越好,大概很快我会说得更流利,提高到更好的级别,因为他们有很好的教师和学习方法。我推荐所有想学汉语的人来这个学校。你们会喜欢!

Paulo Castro, Brazil

我叫刘亮,我25岁,我住在墨西哥,蒙特雷城市。2008年我在河南洛阳学汉语10个月。在墨西哥(我)一点儿也没有学汉语,很多东西我忘了,所以我想开始汉语课。我的公司在上海有一个办公室, 我的目的是进步我的口语,然后在中国做买卖。

Hector Elizondo, Mexico

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