Chinese Lessons Online

iChineseLearning provides you with different types of skype Chinese lessons catering to your needs. You can learn Chinese on Skype 1-on-1 at your own pace and style. In our mandarin class, you will learn Chinese interactively with professional native Chinese teachers live from China. Try a free demo class!

Basic Chinese Lessons

Basic Chinese

Basic Chinese lessons will improve your comprehensive ability of speaking mandarin Chinese in a complete Chinese environment.

Learn Chinese conversations

Spoken Chinese

In Spoken Chinese Lessons, you will learn Chinese interactively via skype on a wide range of daily topics such as greeting, shopping, ordering food, etc.

Kids Chinese

Chinese for Kids

Chinese lessons for kids use a progressive approach to develop your kidsĄŻ communication skills in Chinese reading, writing, listening and speaking.

test lessons

Chinese Test Prep

This course enables you to improve your test taking skills, as well as your ability in all aspects of Chinese language.

business lessons

Business Lessons

This course is designed to help you prepare for BCT exam and learn useful business terms with a wide range of topics in the business field.

Pinyin Lessons

Pinyin Lessons

In the pinyin lessons, you will receive systematic training in initials, finals, tones, spelling rules and pronunciation practice of pinyin.

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