Vocabularies are very important if one wants to speak Chinese fluently, but learning them can be challenging. In our BUZZWORDS series , we will select popular authentic Chinese words and try our best to explain them in the most understandable way!

olympic sports Chinese names

Chinese Words Related to 吃, Eating

Chinese "Eating" Culture and Phrases.

HSK Vocabulary List

HSK Vocabulary List Level 1 to 6

The ultimate guide for HSK vocabularies!

olympic sports Chinese names

两口子 - liang kou zi

Meaning of 两口子 and how it originated.

olympic sports Chinese names

List of Olympic Sports Names in Chinese

Check out the list of all the sports names in mandarin Chinese.

Chinese Words for Wow

Popular Way to Say "Wow!"

Learn how to express your surprise the Chinese way!

Chinese Words for Thanksgiving Day

感恩节 - ɡǎn ēn jié

Learn how to give thanks in Chinese on Thanksgiving Day.

Hot Chinese Words - 2014

Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Words - 2014

Are you ready for the countdown?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Chinese

"我的中文很糟糕 - My Chinese is pretty terrible." Is that true?

Learn Chinese expression

Yan Zhao Men - Sorrow of Hollywood Super Stars

Learn Chinese expression Yan Zhao Men - photo scandal.

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