skype Chinese lessons

Tips That Help You Select Skype Chinese Lessons

This article tells you what factors you need to consider while choosing Chinese lessons via skype.

Chinese Time Periods

Time Periods of the Day

Learn how to say the different time periods of the day in Chinese - morning, afternoon, evening, etc.

Chinese characters for kids

Chinese Character Flashcards for Kids – Families

Recognizing Family Members in Chinese with flashcards and audios.

Chinese phrases for travelers

Top 10 Chinese Phrases for Travelers

Pick up useful Chinese vocabularies and phrases for travelers! - PDF

tell and ask time in Chinese

Ask and Tell Time in Mandarin Chinese

The expression of time - audios in mandarin pronunciation.

months of year in Chinese

Months of Year in Mandarin Chinese

Learn how to say January to December and how to ask about dates in mandarin Chinese.

days of week in Chinese

Days of the Week in Chinese - 星期 xīnɡ qī

Learn how to say days of week in Chinese and how to ask and answer questions about days.

learn Chinese numbers

Learn Chinese Numbers from 0 to 9999

From today, you will be able to count from 0 to 9999 in mandarin Chinese.

Learn Mandarin Tones

Learn 4 Mandarin Tones through 妈麻马骂

With different tones, the meaning can be different. 我问(wèn)你 – I ask you. 我吻(wěn)你 – I kiss you.

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