Referral Program

Do you like our classes? If you enjoyed your experience at iChineseLearning, please let your friends and families know about us!

How it Works

1. Tell your friends or families about our service and encourage him/her to take a free trial lesson.

2. Confirm your referral by either of the two ways:

A. You can tell us the name of the person you refer. (Recommended)

B. Ask the referred student to tell us your name when he/she decides to join us.

3. If the referred student signed up without requesting for a refund, you will get 4 FREE lessons. You will get a bigger benefit of 8 FREE lessons if the referred student subscribes for a 1 year course or above.


Are the FREE lessons transferable?

Yes. Both you and the referred student can transfer the free lessons to anyone who is interested in learning Chinese.

If I am not a student of iChineseLearning, can I benefit from this referral program?

Yes. If you had a free trial lesson with us and liked it, but for whatever reason you didní»t join us, you can also benefit from our referral program.

Free Trial Lesson