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Chinese Paintings

Browse and buy our collection of high quality traditional and contemporary Chinese paintings.

It can be difficult it is to understand and remember Chinese characters. uses images and text to help you understand not only the meaning of each character, but why it is written the way it is. Using the technique introduced on this site, you can learn to recognize, understand, and write even complex characters.

Clavis Sinica: Chinese Language Software

This Chinese language learning software helps you study written Chinese by helping you learn the structure of Chinese characters. The program combines a Chinese text reader with powerful dictionary and translation features, enabling you to read any digitized Chinese text.

Learn Chinese

Our website, from which you can learn about all aspects of Chinese history, culture and customs , as well as improve your ability for listening, speaking, reading and writing in Mandarin. This website can help you to understand and grasp Chinese linguistics in a quick way, through accurate explanation; specific examples; unique presentation; and detailed lecture materials.

A Social Language Learning Dictionary - Share tricks to memorize words. Discuss slang and modern idioms. Flash cards on your PC or cell phone. Free.

Learn Chinese Characters

You are learning Chinese. Certainly, you also want to master a great number of Chinese Characters, but it is hard. To crack the tough nut either a good tool or your patience is needed. The Chinese Character Bible will dramatically improve your learning efficiency and save your time.

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